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I'm Arthur, entrepreneur, full stack web developer. Join me on my blog as I share insights and experiences from my entrepreneurial journey and delve into the world of web development and technology trends.

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How to deploy WordPress with Docker Compose

In this short post, I just want to share how to run a WordPress installation in your local environment. Let’s suppose that you are creating a new website from scratch, or you need to work on an existing one. First, let’s configure your containers to run a WordPress with MariaDB for the database and phpMyAdmin […]
Character holding a wordpress logo, the character is referenced as GA tracking data

How to add GA4 to WordPress without plugin

Sometimes, you end up with a bunch of plugins or you want to avoid unnecessary plugins due to security issues. Most websites these days have a tracking system to keep an eye on their stats. So, in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Google Analytics using the functions.php file. It’s going be easy! […]

Maximizing Sales on Shopify: Tips for Online Retailers

Let’s imagine that you just finished your Shopify store, your started your first marketing campaign, some buyers are starting to purchase your products and some leads are going away. I just want to give you, dear reader, a couple of tips that can help with your store. Marketing Automations Shopify automations are basically ways to […]

10 Essential Management/Software Development Tools for Increased Productivity

I want to share with you some tools that help me to be more productive from the development side up to the business administration side of things. Management / Development Softwares

How to see a PDF with transparency using Adobe Acrobat

One day, you find yourself needing to proof artwork from your favorite printer company. However, when they send you the PDF, you discover that it’s just a blank page. Given that you intend to print the artwork on a dark fabric, your initial thought is to provide the artwork in white or any other light […]

Need a lead full stack web developer or multiple developers?

I can provide assistance with your project individually, or if you have a substantial project, I can involve my company (Udooku.com) and leverage the expertise of the talented developers who collaborate with us.